Meet Quynh Nguyen, our Logistics Manager


“I never thought a job in coffee logistics could be so interesting, but I really enjoy what I’m doing because of the diversity of the tasks I perform and the fact that I learn something new every day”, said our Logistics Manager, Quynh Nguyen!

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A natural coffee lover, Quynh grew up in Lam Dong province, an area famous for its picturesque hills and the aromatic “Cau Dat” Arabica coffee, grown at an elevation of 2000m above sea level.

Quynh started her career in the furniture business, but she has spent the better part of the last 14 years in the companies of coffee experts, gaining invaluable knowledge and experience from them. In her first coffee job, Quynh worked as a logistics officer of a local firm, managing the distribution of coffee from Vietnam to customers in Europe and other parts of the world. Then during her time at the reputable Swiss trade house , Quynh was the team leader of their East Africa Traffic Outsourcing team and learned every facet of global coffee logistics through her work coordinating exports from six African origins.

Quynh worked her way up over the years and is today the Logistics Manager of . She oversees the entire coffee exportation process, moving over 90,000 metric tons (>1.5 million 60-kg bags) in the 2021/22 crop alone using various modes of transportation – from trucks to barges to container ships, and most recently, break-bulk vessels.

When asked why she stayed in the coffee industry for so long, Quynh cited the diverse people she meet and the fast-paced world of commodity trading, and of course, the opportunity to help move the commodity she loves: coffee.

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