Coffee Weekly Insights – W1 November 2023
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Loic Scanu

Originating from the charming old town of Nice, France, Loic embarked on a journey to expand his horizons after completing his studies in corporate finance at EDHEC Business School. Over the first 7 years of his career, he immersed himself in diverse cultures across Africa, Europe, and Asia, accumulating valuable cultural and analytics experiences in various industries.

His professional journey began with a significant milestone in Ghana, where he undertook a VIE (International Volunteering in Enterprise) with Servair, the largest airline catering company in Africa. Serving as both a financial analyst and Head of Procurement, Loic navigated dynamic and complex procurement activities, setting the stage for his future accomplishments. Following this, he contributed to a British fund in the UK, aiding in the establishment of their finance integration process and assisting a local factory in restructuring production back in his hometown.

Loic’s venture into the coffee business commenced in Paris with JDE Peets, where he engaged in cost analysis, validated innovations, managed e-commerce partnerships, and tracked commodity prices. It was during his time at JDE that he developed a keen interest in commodity trading, delving into the intricate mechanisms behind price movements. Intrigued by the field, he connected with Vinh, CEO of Tuan Loc Commodities, who became his mentor, guiding him through the nuances of trading. Their paths crossed in Paris during the 2022 SCTA edition, leading to a planned meeting in Vietnam a few months later.

Armed with newfound knowledge and experience, Loic made the bold decision to relocate to Vietnam, joining Tuan Loc Commodities for a more challenging and growth-oriented adventure in the world of trading at origin. He discovered a culture of excellence at Tuan Loc Commodities, emphasizing the significance of commodity data analytics and research.

Loic reflects on his role, stating, “Being within an origin-based trading house, together with an international mindset, I am able here to play with the most relevant and prime access data, knowing that most of the trading houses work with re-posted content; it is a huge advantage for us. Many counterparties ask for our opinion just because they know that we know.”

Aspects of a trader’s job are research-driven, and Loic provides a unique perspective on critical elements such as demand trends, risks, consumer behaviors, exchange economics, certified stocks movements, and the impact of coffee tendering on spreads. In just over a year, he seamlessly transitioned into the commercial aspect of his role, expanding the network of Tuan Loc Commodities through active participation in prominent industry events like World of Coffee, SCTA, Gulfood, and NCA conventions.

Loic’s passion for his work stems from both human and technical aspects. He appreciates the daily opportunity to connect with people from around the world, emphasizing the shared language they all speak. From a technical standpoint, he finds the challenge of predicting flow, trends, and their evolutions equally demanding and rewarding. To Loic, his work is a continuous and fascinating treasure chase, where every dig reveals more valuable insights for the curious mind.


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