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Learn about our Vietnam coffee offers, which range from the popular neutral-cupping Natural Robusta to the mild Washed Arabica from the Central Highlands and the North of Vietnam. We strive to offer you a variety of local offerings depending on what’s in season and what tastes delicious!

Who We Are

Tin Nghia Corporation is one of Vietnam’s largest business conglomerates, with a market capitalization of approximately US$300 mln and annual revenue exceeding US$500 mln. In the coffee business, Tin Nghia is a major assets-based coffee exporter from Vietnam with an extensive network of coffee assets ranging from upstream plantations and processing mills to downstream storage and logistics facilities at the seaport areas.

Our strong financials enable us to securely carry coffee to supply all year round and across future shipment months and ensure that we are a reliable counter-party for the global coffee industry.

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